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TOMMY (cat)'s Sponsorship Page
TOMMY (cat)

Originally coming to our parent rescue Last Chance Animal Rescue from Oconee Humane Society in January 2019, TOMMY was lucky enough to escape euthanasia in the shelter. He was a 7 year old middle aged man at the top of the euthanasia list after being dumped at the shelter for “being too big” for his owners. Tommy made his way to New York in the hopes of finding a forever home, but a series of medical setbacks has made St. Francis Sanctuary become his forever spot. Tommy suffers from chronic ear infections. He has a bulla-polyp in his right ear, laying against a nerve, making it extremely dangerous to remove as it can cause paralysis or death. His left ear is abnormal in formation as well. Eventually surgery may be needed down the line, but it’s too dangerous at the moment for him. So we’re keeping him comfortable and he’s living a happy life at the farm, but in order to sustain that, he needs monthly sponsors! 

Monthly sponsors will provide funds needed for Tommy’s ear medication, food, safe housing and the love and care from the wonderful staff. Monthly sponsors will receive regular updates with a picture of how your consistent funds are helping Tommy boy and the other animals here at the farm. 

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