St. Francis Farm, established by Last Chance Animal Rescue in 2013, is a sanctuary situated on 50 acres in Carlisle, SC. There are many circumstances that may call on us to provide a safe haven when a traditional home cannot meet an animal’s needs; whether medical or behavioral, we believe that every animal has a right to life. St. Francis Farm enables us to keep our lifelong commitment to those that we have rescued.

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Help Timothy heal and live a heartworm free life!!


Timothy is a scared dog who spent an entire year wasting away at a shelter...being passed over by everyone because he is different. He is feral. Feral meaning, that he has not had much interaction with humans for the majority of his life, especially during the critical puppy development phase. The most interaction Timothy has had has been from being cared for at the shelter. Not playing. Not enjoying belly rubs, or treats. Just surviving and receiving the bare minimum when it comes to love and affection. The farm is a place he can be himself and come out of his shell. Timothy has a long road ahead of him, but we are confident that we will be able to earn his trust.. Timothy is also heartworm positive and will need treatment as soon as possible.

 Timmy as we affectionately call him, is very untrusting of people and other animals. We will have to work with him daily to slowly earn his trust In order to rehabilitate this sweet baby and care for him like he deserves we need you, sponsors who can donate a small amount or gift this sweet pup the items needed to improve Timothy's health and wellbeing. We are ready to provide for his care until and if he becomes ready for adoption. For now we need you to help us right the wrongs Timothy has had to face and gift him safe haven and sanctuary and a healthy heartworm FREE life! Thank you for your support of our life saving mission!

 Together, we can make a difference for Timothy!!

Judy Ann

Thrown from car and suffering from broken leg!!! 

Judy Ann was tossed on the side of the road like trash. As a result, Judy Ann has a fractured femur. She will have surgery to repair her leg once the funds are raised.. As a result of the surgery, her injured leg will be shorter than the other - which may leave her with a permanent limp. However she will be pain free once she has healed from her surgery. Everything went as well as it possibly could, and we are hopeful for a speedy recovery.