St. Francis Farm, established by Last Chance Animal Rescue in 2013, is a sanctuary situated on 50 acres in Carlisle, SC. There are many circumstances that may call on us to provide a safe haven when a traditional home cannot meet an animal’s needs; whether medical or behavioral, we believe that every animal has a right to life. St. Francis Farm enables us to keep our lifelong commitment to those that we have rescued.

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In 2017, the week prior to Christmas, Ace was brought to the vet by his then family, only to be left there, never to be seen again. Only a few months old and emaciated at the time, Last Chance Animal Rescue took him under our care and nursed him back to health. Ace has been searching for his forever home ever since.

While under the care of foster and adoptive families over the course of the last few years, it's been evident and now confirmed that Ace requires a level of behavioral training to address issues related to guarding, best provided by professionals. We've engaged a facility that Last Chance Animal Rescue has worked with previously to successfully train and place dogs like Ace in forever homes.

 Most importantly, time is of the essence. We have a space reserved for Ace, and it would be a shame if we were to lose this opportunity for him. 

 Are you willing to donate to help Ace to get the best chance at a forever home, free of the insecurities that he has dealt with since being abandoned by his ‘family' a little over 4 years ago.

Judy Ann

Bella actually came to the farm by mistake- during a large life saving Thanksgiving day pull (we pulled about 30 animals) she got put on the transport van by mistake as we were also pulling a CAT named Bella.

The mistake was realized before the van left the shelter but we obviously took her regardless. She was at risk for euthanasia.

 Bella has all the qualities anyone would want in a dog .... she just wants to be to be Star of the show. She doesn't like to share attention....aka no other dogs or CATS. 

She has waited patiently for just over 2 years now.