St. Francis Farm, established by Last Chance Animal Rescue in 2013, is a sanctuary situated on 50 acres in Carlisle, SC. There are many circumstances that may call on us to provide a safe haven when a traditional home cannot meet an animal’s needs; whether medical or behavioral, we believe that every animal has a right to life. St. Francis Farm enables us to keep our lifelong commitment to those that we have rescued.

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Bonded Seniors Mourn the Loss of Their Owner!!

Hunter and Bailey's worlds came crashing down after the sudden passing of their beloved owner. Not only did their best human-friend abruptly disappear from their lives, but they were also removed from the only home they had ever known. When no one in the family was able to care for them, they were taken to the animal shelter.

While this type of transition is difficult for any dog, it is particularly hard for seniors having spent their entire lives together as a family under one roof. Despair, confusion and grief took hold; they began howling and crying endlessly, waiting – hoping – for their dad to return. We stepped up to and came to their rescue, without having time to ask for your support. We knew that even one more day in a noisy shelter would be one step closer to euthanasia. 
They are slowly but surely adjusting to life on the farm! After noticing a large mass on Hunter, we took him to our vet for further diagnostics. Sadly, the tumor is cancerous and inoperable. While we would love to see Hunter and Bailey find a home to live out their golden years in, we know that the possibility of that is very small. We are committed to taking care of them and providing for them the best life that we possibly can, and in order to do that, we desperately need your help. Hunter and Bailey need Animal Angels who can sponsor their life at the farm. Please donate today to help defray the expenses associated with their daily care and medical needs.
Together, we can make a difference for Hunter & Bailey!


Health Is Declining Due To Depression And Stress!

We received a last call to help Maggie, this poor soul is depressed and stressed at the shelter and her health is tepidly declining. Suffering from severe demodex mange and malnutrition Maggie refuses food unless hand fed and will not go outside for walks. At this point unless we can get  Maggie out she has no future.