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Rescued with her mother and two sisters from a Carolina shelter just 20 minutes down the road from our sanctuary, ROSE was four days old when she came to St. Francis Animal Sanctuary. Smaller than a hamster, she, her sisters and her mama needed all the help they could get and desperately needed out of the shelter. In our loving arms, these babies should've began to thrive, but their growth was stunted and health issues began. A trip to the vet revealed heart issues in all the babies, severe murmurs that greatly affected them. For Rose, it meant the sanctuary would become her home forever. Why you may ask?

Her heart cannot take having spay surgery. She will die. 

She cannot be outside and risk getting pregnant. Pregnancy will kill her. 

Transporting her could add too much stress to her body. She may not make it. 

This is why she will call the sanctuary her home forever, along with her surviving sister and mother. She has made so many friends, and spends her days snuggling with her sister in the cat beds that we have all over. She is comfortable and she is loved, but she still needs care. She needs ANGELS to sponsor her care and let her continue to live this life. Funds will go directly for her care, her food and her medical appointments. 

Angels will receive monthly updates on Rose and you can see just how big an impact you have on her life! You can see her being loved and cared for. You would be making her life possible! 

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