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Volunteer Application

Contact Information

Do any members of your household have allergies to animals?
You understand that despite all of our efforts to our cats as healthy as we can, that as living breathing creatures, there will always be a risk that the cat could be harboring an unknown illness and require medical attention after you have adopted it and that this will be YOUR responsibility financially?
Do you understand that should this animal become sick, YOU will be responsible for all of its medical care after the adoption contracts have been completed?
Would you object to an LCAR or SFF representative visiting your cat in their new home?

I, undersigned, agree to the following statements:

  • The information I provide will be verified before I am approved for adoption.

  • False statements or omissions of any of the above information will result in automatic refusal of adoption or confiscation of the animal.

  • LCAR has the right to refuse the adoption of any pet to any person.

  • The adoption fee is non-refundable.

  • I am willing and able to accept financial responsibility for the expenses associated with caring for a dog including preventative health care including annual check-up and vaccinations as well as emergency medical care in the event of illness or injury in addition to cost of regular care and feeding .(food, supplies and equipment, toys, training and boarding).

  • I understand that this animal will require training to reach its full potential. I fully understand the risks involved with interacting with animals and agree to assume all liability. I agree to hold Last Chance Animal Rescue and any and all of its affiliate programs harmless for any injury(s), loss or damages which I might sustain from interacting with the animals. This waiver includes myself, all of my family members and descendants forever from seeking any legal action whatsoever against Last Chance Animal Rescue or its successor organizations or any representatives thereof.


Enter your name and today's date in the boxes below.

Thanks for applying! We'll get back to you soon.

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