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Thank you for choosing to Adopt!

We are honored that you have chosen to adopt a companion from Last Chance Animal Rescue and we look forward to making this a wonderful experience for you!! 

Steps to adoption are as follows:

  • Review our adoption guidelines for fees, minimum age to adopt, and more.

  • Browse our adoptable animals (below) and select the dog or cat you wish to adopt.

  • Complete the Adoption Application.

  • If the adoption request is approved but the animal you chose is not a match, we will work with you to find a dog that best fits your circumstances.

  • Once you find a match and are ready to proceed, complete the Adoption Contract and pay the adoption fee.

  • Pick up your new furry friend at a mutually agreed-upon location, which may be a 1-2 hour drive.


Our Adoption Process

Applicant Requirements

Other Guidelines

Adoption Fees

Adoption Applications

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