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Our Mission

Saving Lives of Animals

Last Chance Animal Rescue, founded in Southampton, NY, is a charitable, non-profit organization dedicated to saving animal lives. We rescue animals from "KILL" facilities and fund their relocation to "NO KILL" shelters and foster homes, aiming to find them forever families. Our organization partners with veterinarians to provide spay-neuter and medical services until permanent placement is secured in pre-screened, loving homes. We rely on donations to continue saving these helpless, loving animals from euthanasia and hope you will consider supporting our mission to save as many lives as possible.

Our Background

Passion for Animal Rescue

Founded by Whitney Knowlton in 2008, Last Chance Animal Rescue is a 100% volunteer  nonprofit and our focus is to rescue animals located in "KILL" facilities trapped on death row in rural shelters still using inhumane methods of killing such as gas chambers or heart stick.

Millions of pets are unnecessarily euthanized each year in the United States. LCAR is working to change the way shelters treat these precious animals so that this senseless loss and incredible cruelty can one day end. These animals are highly adoptable and die each day because of legislative deficits, lack of resources and limited chances of local adoption. We rescue regardless of age, breed or general health, trying to save as many as we can from death by underwriting the cost of relocating to "NO KILL" facilities and foster homes while finding the adoptive furever families that they all deserve. We network with other rescue organizations to transfer animals from our shelter partners into adoption programs and to educate shelters on reform and assist them in achieving “NO KILL” regardless of current legislation. To date, LCAR has rescued thousands of animals and is growing everyday thanks to the support of our volunteers, fosters, adopters, donors and sponsors. Last Chance Animal Rescue’s mission is to save the lives of loving animals while creating opportunities for long-term relationships between people and animals.

sad but true

Problems and solutions

THE PROBLEM: In poor rural areas, spaying and neutering animals are often not prioritized. Due to insufficient funding from local jurisdictions, shelters in these regions become overcrowded, exposing healthy animals to disease, unsanitary conditions, and harsh environmental elements. Limited opportunities for adoption make our rescue mission essential.

WHAT WE DO:Our volunteers collaborate with the community, local humane societies, and adoption centers to rescue as many animals as possible from these rural shelters. The decision on which animals can be saved is determined by available funds and foster homes. After a rigorous vetting process that includes vaccination, deworming, and spaying/neutering, we transport the animals to the Northeast for adoption. Upon arrival, they are placed into foster homes and given maximum exposure through weekly adoption events and online platforms to help them find their forever homes.

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