St. Francis Farm, established by Last Chance Animal Rescue in 2013, is a sanctuary situated on 50 acres in Carlisle, SC. There are many circumstances that may call on us to provide a safe haven when a traditional home cannot meet an animal’s needs; whether medical or behavioral, we believe that every animal has a right to life. St. Francis Farm enables us to keep our lifelong commitment to those that we have rescued.

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Left with a needle in her spine, Lola needs your help!

Lola entered a local animal shelter scared, shutdown, and in pain. She needed more help than the shelter could offer and so we stepped in with a foster. Unsure of what was causing her pain, it was noted that she had a wound on her back that looked like an old dart injury that did not heal correctly.

Our first action was to take Lola to the vet for an exam and that is where an X-ray showed that she had a hypodermic needle lodged in her back and very close to her spine. The vets performed an exploratory surgery to attempt to remove the needle but were unable to do so. After a thorough wound cleaning, it was determined that we would need to wait for a second surgery to remove the needle.

Lola is still waiting for her surgery as she needs to gain some weight and overcome some stomach issues she has been dealing with. While waiting, Lola has been slowly adjusting to her new home life and is regaining her confidence. With some time and patience, Lola is going to show us her wonderful personality.

Help us care for Lola by donating today. Your donation will go directly towards the surgery she needs to safely remove the needle lodged in her spine.