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Established by Last Chance Animal Rescue Founder Whitney Knowlton in 2013, St. Francis Farm is a companion animal sanctuary situated on 50 acres in Carlisle, SC. This farm is home to approximately 100 dogs and 200 cats on any given day.  Annually this location serves to harbor thousands of animals as they embark on their journey to find their new furever family.

Additionally there are many circumstances that may call on us to provide a permanent safe haven when a traditional home isn’t a fit for an animal; whether the reason is medical or behavioral, we believe that every animal has a right to their life. St. Francis Farm enables us to keep our lifelong commitment to those that we have rescued by having a place that they can always call home. There are so many animals that just can’t thrive in a typical “family style home” which is why a place like St. Francis Farm is so important. These are great animals!! They just require an environment that can cater to their complex behavioral challenges and ongoing medical needs.

Our goal is to address these challenges and provide an alternative situation that meets their individual needs including training and socialization as well as full access to ongoing medical care. Our hearts bleed for the senior animals that have found themselves homeless in their golden years, many afflicted with medical problems that make them harder to place. St. Francis Farm is a comforting “home environment” with wrap around porches and big shady tree’s that welcome these old friends and provide the ongoing care that they require until their time comes.

The demand for a facility like St. Francis Farm is ever growing and the possibilities are endless.  We envision a sanctuary for both people and animals to connect with nature.  To achieve our goals for expansion, and to provide the level of care these animals deserve, we are seeking individuals and organizations who believe in our mission to underwrite the associated costs.  


The Completed Property will consist of:

The B&B :

The B&B will serve to house BITCHES and their BABIES. Housing nursing mothers is a very special job and requires a very controlled enviroment.  Our B&B will nourish the relationship between the mother and her babies while maintaining proper sanitation for the most optimal healthy enviroment.

The Heartworm House :

The Heartworm House will be a wonderful, tranquil enviroment for animals who are undergoing treatment for Heartworm and the secondary diseases that can be caused by this terminal illness.  Being able to properly care for the mind, body and soul of a dog who is on bed rest for 8 weeks is very important to the proper recovery of the animal. The Heartworm House will provide mentally enriching activities to keep the animals stimulated even when there bodies can't be.

The Old Dog House :

Caring for senior animals can bring its own set of challenges.  Our Assissted Living Facility will allow for these older animals to live with dignity and peace.  We hold a special place in our hearts for these animals knowing that most of them once had a family of there own. They know what it was like to LOVE somebody unconditionally.

The Bachelor Pad

Dog aggressive dogs can be the hardest to place and this type of behavior is one of the strongest determining factors when shelters decide to kill animals.  We have worked with many dogs deemed "dog aggressive" or "dog selective" and almost all of the time these animals can be taught the decision making skills to be able to live peacefully among other dogs in a household. The Bachelor Pad will be a place that is set aside JUST for animals with these socialization issues and will offer them a safe place (safe for them and for others) to stay while they are rehabilitated.

The Cat House: 

The Cat House will be home to the many cats and kittens that find themselves homeless but not  forgotten. We will have special areas for nursing cats to relax with their babies, and special rooms for cats with FIV and Leukemia.  

What better way to honor your deep love and commitment to animals than to leave a lasting legacy that will help once forgotten dogs & cats become cherished family members. We suggest that you discuss with your lawyer and/or financial advisor the methods of giving that are most beneficial and appropriate for you. We welcome the opportunity to discuss how your charitable bequest will best help animals in need. Your gift can result in considerable tax benefits. Consider using personal assets for your charitable gifts, such as stocks, bonds, CD's, real estate, vehicles, art and jewelry. Name LCAR as the beneficiary of your IRA or pension or purchase a life insurance policy naming LCAR as beneficiary of an existing policy.  Contact if you have questions or require assistance.

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