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Web Image: operation fix logo Operation Fix is our Community Initiatives Program.  The ONLY way to "FIX"  a hi-kill community is to engage the community itself. This program is designed to work hand in hand with community leaders to provide support and guidance as local volunteers begin to build the life saving networks that will ultimately support their communities animal population.

This program is designed to educate and engage the communities in which hi-kill shelters are located.  We are working within these communities to lower shelter intake statistics  by organizing community specific groups to manage local Foster Homes, Adoption Events, Spay/Neuter Events and Fundraisers.  This program is also designed to serve as a guide to restructuring old sheltering processes and procedures by providing solutions that demonstrate life saving alternatives. Our goal is to empower and enable local resources so that they may save more lives while enriching their communities. 

Our first pilot program is Richmond County Animal Advocates.  As many of you know we have some history here....

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Richmond County Animal Advocates is the first community based advocacy group under our Operation Fix Program.  This group is being lead by  the local animal lovers of Richmond Couty, NC who want to see a change in their community.  RCAA is in the process of setting up the first of many fundraisers and adoption events while simultaneously recruiting volunteers and foster homes.  The FB page has been launched and will be promoting chipins to save dogs from the community as well as the local shelter which is considered to be a hi kill facility.  RCAA is being directed by the previous Director of the Humane Society of Richmond County, Allison Sweatt.  Allison shares in our belief system that supports the No Kill Initiative and has a proven track record of success. With the support of the LCAR Adoption Program and the Middle Mutts Program,   Allison was able to turn the open admission animal shelter of Richmond County into a No Kill Shelter for 8 months before differences of opinions and goals causedAllison to move on from the HSRC.  We are excited to have Allison spear heading this effort and believe that she has the passion to make this an extremely successful endeavor resulting in building a No Kill Richmond County.

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Montgomery County Animal Advocates is a community based advocacy group under our Operation Fix Program.  This group is being lead by  the local animal lovers of Montgomery County  who want to see a change in their community.  Montgomery County, NC, like so many other poor and rural counties in the south are under funded and under educated as to the POSSIBILITIES of hope and change for the animals in their county!  We are excited to have been offered the opportunity to take this little HI KILL shlter that has killed 99.9% of the animals for eternity, and welcome them to the NO KILL movement! After having failed 14 of their last state inspections, it is time to do better!  As Oprah would say, "When you know better, you do better!" And that is what we expect to see happen here!! 


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