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Animal Success Stories
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We are so excited for  Arrow , our adorable labby boy! Today was his big day and he found his loving forever family.  Arrow  is going to have an amazing life filled with lot of happiness!  <3



ADOPTED!! We are so happy for Madilynn that she found her person. This beauty had waited paitently to find her person and now we know why, there was someone very special for her. A big thank you to  Sherrilee   Melissa  and Kenan for hosting this cutie so that she could find her happily ever after. We know these beautiful girls are going to have a wonderful life together  <3


A big day for Ivan as today he found his new Dad and we know that they are going to be best buds in no time!


ADOPTER UPDATE:  Mya (formally Loren) is doing great! She is sooo attached to my husband. Follows him everywhere he goes! She's my best friend when he goes to sleep <3 lol she LOVES my yard and really enjoys playing fetch. She's so well mannered. My guess is she def had some training along the way. Few accidents in the house in the beginning BUT I take blame...didn't realize she was smart enough to know to go to the back door! Shes gaining and growing and the vet said how lucky we were to get sun a beautiful sweet pup. She is truly a gem. I can't understand how ANYONE could dump her like trash! Their trash was surely our treasure! Thank you soo sooo much for allowing us to adopt her and bring her in to our home and our hearts! Hoping to catch you up at an event one weekend to say hi!


Lacie (formerly known as Petunia) is such a big lovebug at almost 2 years, enjoying her favorite spot in house!

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