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Sweet Clyde came to the farm with almost 30 other cats from a SC shelter that was in the path of Hurricane Matthew back in 2016. He was feral like most of the cats that came from that shelter. But over time, Clyde has learned that humans aren't too bad and he has chosen a few of our staff members at the farm that he trust.

He enjoys getting loved on and cuddling up with the other cats in our big cat room - but hasn't learned to love the brush yet. While Clyde has come a long way with us, he still has a long way to go and will likely call the farm his forever home.

Monthly sponsors will provide a steady stream of funds that ensures  Clyde can live the rest of his days happy and healthy here at the farm. Funds will go directly to his care for food, medical treatments, safe housing, and the love and care of our wonderful staff.

Monthly sponsors will receive regular updates with pictures of how your consistent funds are helping Clyde and the other animals here at the Farm.

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