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Gypsy has a wild story.

She was dumped in the small town of Chester, SC over 2 years ago. Gypsy spent two years known as "Bypass Girl" dodging in and out of traffic on a 4-lane highway just trying to survive.

Local residents and animal control made numerous attempts to catch, but she was feral, smart, and a gypsy at heart, so she never stayed in one place for very long. A large network of residents worked together to provide her food, water, and shelter. In the summer of 2018, that network of residents and friends started to get very worried as Gypsy started to show signs of pregnancy. 

Late one night our farm manager got a call that Gypsy had decided to hold up in a dog house in a Chester resident's yard to give birth to her ELEVEN puppies! This was our best chance of catching her. We headed out early the next morning and with the help of the home owner and her puppies, we finally caught Gypsy! We brought the family to the farm, gave Gypsy her fitting name and for the next 11 weeks we helped her care for her puppies. 

Now, the puppies have gone on to find their forever homes and have wonderful lives. Gypsy will call the farm her forever home as she is feral and would, unfortunately, not be able to find a traditional home. You can help us fund Gypsy's lifetime care by joining our Animal Angels team and becoming a monthly sponsor!

Monthly sponsors will provide a steady stream of funds that ensures Gypsy can live the rest of her days happy and healthy here at the farm. Funds will go directly to her care for food, medical treatments, safe housing,    and the love and care of our wonderful staff.

Monthly sponsors will receive an update every month with a picture of how your consistent funds are helping our Gypsy and the other animals here at the Farm. 

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