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URGENT - Reagan needs monthly sponsors to find a new home at the farm!

Adopted as a puppy from our parent rescue, LCAR, back in 2014, Reagan is now losing the only family he has ever known! Over time, Reagan started to develop some aggression issues that have now left him with no where to call home. 

As one of the ONLY rescues who offers a life time commitment to all of our dogs and cats that come into our programs, we want to offer Reagan a new home at St Francis Farm, but we need your help! Caring for any animal for their entire life is extremely expensive. We can only continue to do this with MONTHLY SPONSORS!

You can help us ensure that Reagan has all the care he needs by becoming his Animal Angel at any amount a month that you feel comfortable with. We CAN'T do this without you!

Monthly sponsors will provide a steady stream of funds that ensures Reagan can live the rest of his days happy and healthy here at the farm. Funds will go directly to his care for food, medical treatments, safe housing, and the love and care of our wonderful staff.

Monthly sponsors will receive an update every month with a picture of how your consistent funds are helping Reagan and the other animals here at the Farm. 


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