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When you walk into our animal sanctuary, there's a cat there that easily wants to be your friend. He's the one that wants you to pet him. He's the one that will rub against your legs. He's the one and only BOO BOO. Rescued from a shelter that was evacuated during Hurricane Matthew, this boy actually made his way up to New York and was adopted to a loving family. Once home however and with a family, his behavioral issues began to surface.
You see, Boo is a biter and not just an affectionate love biter. He bites with intention and without warning. He's a boy that becomes easily stimulated and causes him to lash out, even though in his sweetest moments, he is the perfect cat.
This doesn't mean he deserves to be put to sleep. In fact, his family absolutely didn't want that at all. They wanted somewhere where Boo could live and be happy. With three young kids in the house, it just was no longer their house, so back to our sanctuary Boo went. 
Boo Boo has been so successful at the sanctuary. He loves playing with the other cats and loves the small doses of human interaction he receives. He loves sitting on the cat tree and lounging on the hardwood floor near the window. It is SO important that we can continue this life for Boo and keep him safe. He needs ANGELS to support his care. 
Angels will help provide Boo with the medical care, food and other things he needs to flourish. In return, you'll be able to see what an impact you have on him and how you're helping his life. You'll receive pictures once a month of how he is doing and how you're helping his life.
You will help keep Boo Boo safe. That is what matters most. 

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